• We manufacture the paper mailers used more often then any
    other type mailer by on-line DVD movie rental companies.

  • We have more experience in this specialty area then anyone.

  • We manufacture DVD/CD mailers, from concept to final
    product, all under one roof.  Two-way, or one-way mailers, we
    can design either one based on your requirements.

  • A PDF Template is available to help you lay-out your artwork.

  • We stock Blank Generic Two and One-Way DVD/CD mailers at
    very reasonable prices for start up companies that may not be
    ready to invest in the higher cost of custom mailers.

  • We Guarantee our 2-Way & 1-Way DVD/CD mailers to be the
    finest constructed  DVD/CD mailers on the market.

  • Our customers range from the Fortune 500 to the mom & pop

  • We are happy to answer any questions you may have, and
    invite you to call us (765)610-3333 or email
    glueexpert@2waydvd.com with any questions.  Please click
    here to go directly to our "Request More Information" page .
We Custom manufacture
DVD/CD Mailers of all
sizes, colors and papers.  
We manufacture various
styles of 2 & 1 way DVD
mailers, USPS
and non-machinable styles.
Standard Generic DVD Mailers
for USPS Machinable rates.
The 2-Way or 1-Way DVD/CD mailer is
not just restricted to online movie rentals,
the mailer can be used to send DVDs and
CDs for:
  • Internet CD game rental companies
  • Company's sending out CD demo discs
  • Audio CD companies
  • E-commerce (On-line) Retailers
  • Office Environments
  • Software Developers
  • Bible Studies and Sermons
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The most cost effective means of moving
DVDs and CDs through the mail!  
We specialize in manufacturing the finest
2-WAY or 1-Way DVD mailer on the market for
sending and returning DVD/CD's via
Low Cost
First Class Postage .
  • 2-Way Mailers For Sending and
    Returning DVD/CD's

  • 1-Way mailers For sending DVD/CDs in
    just one direction

  • Both qualify for the Lowest
    Postage Rates!  
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USA customers call 765-6
Standard Generic 1-Way
DVD/CD Mailers for USPS
Machinable rates.