Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the minimum quantities I can order on Custom Mailers?
We can manufacture as few as 5,000 mailers, however it is more cost effective
to order at least 10,000 mailers.

2. On custom orders, how long does it take to receive the mailers once the
order has been placed?
The normal turn around time is 14-20 working days once the proof has been
signed off on quantities less then 250,000.

3. Good news for anyone mailing discs to subscribers
The Postal Commission has ordered that the Postal Service create two "parallel
rate categories" in First-Class Mail for any round-trip DVD mail. "One category
establishes that DVDs sent as presorted First-Class Mail letters to subscribers
will not be subject to the non-machinable surcharge when returned. The other
rate category provides that DVDs mailed as First-Class Mail flats to and from
subscribers will not be subject to an additional ounce charge." The Postal
Service has been given two months to enact this policy.
This actually goes above and beyond what GameFly had asked for; now anyone
mailing DVDs with an insert as a flat can avoid paying for the extra weight. Not
only that, but there is no longer a non-machinable cost added to the postage for
DVD shipments. Mailing discs are now  safer and less expensive then in
previous years. Or, to be more accurate, it is now cheaper to make the
shipments safer.

4. What method of payment do you accept?
We accept MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Discover and PayPal.  Checks are
acceptable, however there is a 10-day waiting period while the check clears.

5. Are you able to do everything including the design?
We supply you with a template or sample to design from.  You then supply us
with the artwork.  Please check with us first to make sure you supply the
artwork in a program that is compatible with our pre-press department.

6. What is the cost of custom mailers?
It all depends on your choice of paper and how involved your printing is and
the style.  For instance, two colors (Black + Red) on both sides would be less
expensive then Black and Red over four color process.  

7. What type of paper can I use to make my mailer?
If you are going to mail your disc via first class postage you will want to keep
the weight of the mailer below one ounce.  Depending on the style of mailer,
we may use two different papers or one heavy enough to meet post
requirements.  If on the other hand you are thinking of mailing more then one
disc at a time you may want to make the mailer on a heavier weight paper such
as 32 lb. Ledger. We can manufacture the mailers on any paper from 20 lb. all
the way to 32 lb.

8. When should I call to discuss custom mailers and to get pricing?
At anytime, we are waiting to answer all your questions.  We have been
specializing in gluing for over thirty years and specializing in two-way mailers
since 1998, we are the experts and want to share our knowledge with you.

9.  Can you print my name and address as well as postal information on
Generic Mailers?
No, we only custom print on the mailers that we manufacture from scratch.  We
do not imprint on Generic mailers.

10. Which is the best way to contact you?
We answer our email's within 24 hours, however if you need an answer right
away do not hesitate to call us at 765-622-3544.

11.  Do you have any restrictions on colors?
No, we can print just about any color, including 4 color process (which includes
colored pictures).  The most economical mailer is printed two colors over two
colors, such as Black plus one PMS color over same (black is counted as a
color, however white is not).  If you have any questions on printing, please do
not hesitate to call us.

12.  Can you manufacture similar one-way mailers?
Yes, we custom manufacture mailers in a variety of configurations.  Let us
know what your needs are and we will come up with something that suits your
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