Two-Way or One-Way Custom
mailers for
sending/returning DVDs or
via low cost Postage
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Custom DVD Mailers
  • We understand what the Post Office requires, and we help you design your mailer

  • We were instrumental in the development of the 2-Way mailer for the largest on-
    line rental company back in 1998.  Our DVD 2-Way mailers of today are designed
    with more then thirty-five years experience of design and manufacturing

  • Our computer to plate printing equipment is state of the art.  Printing with UV Inks
    allows the heavy ink solids (associated with most 2-Way DVD designs) to dry
    instantly, eliminating coverage imperfections such as offset and hickeys.

  • We use the most modern gluing and taping equipment on the planet which is
    unmatched in reliability and perfection.

  • We welcome the opportunity to Earn Your Business. We make the process of
    producing a custom mailer as easy as one,two three!

  • To help your designer we offer email templates to help lay out your artwork to the
    correct panel size.  We are constantly adding new templates as the USPS
    requirements change.

  • If you prefer to have the postage pre-printed on the mailer you need only to go by
    your local Post Office and they will supply you with the permit number and all the
    artwork needed for us to print and create your Business Reply Mailer (BRM).

  • Our mailers have a specially designed glue pattern in the pocket to keep DVD/CD's
    from sliding around while being processed during mailing.

  • We know how to design the mailer to take advantage of the postal discounts that
    the USPS offers for Pre-Printed Business Reply Mail Post-Net Bar code First Class
    Pre-Sort and the advantages of the New Rules regarding Flats.

  • Save on the high cost of cardboard mailers, not to mention the even higher cost of
    mailing them.  
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